Club Activities

In addition to the lunches or dinners and the thriving Golf Society, the Club organises a variety of other activities which take place throughout the year to take advantage or celebrate occasions as they arise.

Members get together with other members and guests and develop additional and useful contacts, either business or social, on a regular basis, to gain useful insight into the latest issues, challenges and opportunities of life or business in the region.

These take place either in Lisbon or in the Cascais/Estoril area. Usually there is a short presentation by an expert in a particular field on a topic of interest which will then form a starting point for further discussion over lunch or dinner.

Our activities have included:

  • Monthly Happy Hours beautiful Cascais Hotel Baia and Lisbon locations
  • Signature Events such as Queens Jubilee celebration, Prince Harry & Meghan wedding
  • Social lunches at the esteemed Gremio Literario and Messe de Marinha
  • Mystery Events
  • Boutique Events - Rugby World Cup, Football World Cup
  • Corporate Sponsor Events
  • Churchill Society and Associate club (Royal British Legion, Royal St George) events 
  • Specific Networking events where the Club facilitates introductions
  • Brainstorming get-togethers with other RBC members
  • Social and celebratory occasions
  • Cultural events, such as talks on the history of the British Community in Portugal
  • Cocktail parties

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